Although Apple hasn’t confirmed that the iPhone will follow the Apple Watch it now seems highly likely and the firm is making a very good case behind this controversial decision. Billions of USB plug have been produced by Apple over the years and the company is confident that users already have enough of them tucked in drawers throughout their homes.

By not adding yet another plug, it cuts down on the size of packaging needed to ship the devices in and there are fewer materials used in producing plugs that are often never used.

It’s thought that the majority of iPhone owners don’t even remove the charger and headphones from the box – sticking with the existing kit they already had from their previous model. With fewer plugs being made it should help reduce the environmental impact of these electronic devices.

Of course, some Apple fans might be miffed when they open their iPhone on launch day and find it without a plug inside …especially when they find out that Apple charges as much as £30 for its plugs.



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