No CDMA) Factory Unlocked 4G/LTE Smartphone (Aurora Blue) – Inte…

Got this phone as my contract phone moving away from apple as Ive always gone for an iPhone, I absolutely love this phone, for starters the battery life is incredible which was a massive bonus for me as I had to charge my iPhone multiple times a day, the camera has lots of cool features to get some really cool shots, its fast, great screen quality, I just really love it and have no regrets in getting it.
This is an amazing phone for the price. Picked this up for £160 and worth every penny but had to return because of 1 major issue for me.THE GOODScreen quality – – Great for the price.
Only downside is the blacks are not that black but thats it.Finger print recognition – – Amazing, works every single timeSpeakers – – OK but not the best.
However, amazing for the priceBattery life – – Great battery lifeCamera – – Amazing Camera (see image). For the price this camera is great.
Only downside is there is no slo mo but I never use that really anyway.THE BAD (minor downsides)Phone comes with some bloatware (pre installed apps) however 1 reviewer gave this a 1 star because of it but it is very minor and hardly an inconvenience.The usb type c charge port, little annoying to plug it in as it can only go in 1 way, not that annoying though.THE UGLYThe sound when you have headphones in is extremely quite in my opinion.
You can make it a little better in the settings but still in my personal opinion I always think its a little low and try to turn it up more but its at max.
However saying this for £160 it is still decent and if you dont care much about loud music then its fine but I like my music a little loud.
However music is a big part of a phone for me, its basically the 1 thing I use it most for so I am having to return this one to find another.Overall this phone is a great pick up for £160 but if you love load music its not for you.
It is light, much lighter than the phone it replaced and better screen resolution, the camera I good but a bit grainy in low light conditions. The software has a lot of similarities to apple but with a lot more Customisable options.
MORE INFORMATION in the Description Below. THANK YOU!

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