– SYGAV Android 10 for 2019 2020 Toyota RAV4 Radio with Carplay Android Auto 9″ Touch Screen Stereo GPS Navigation Head Unit

SYGAV Android 10 for 2019 2020 Toyota RAV4 Radio with Carplay Android Auto 9″ Touch Screen Stereo GPS Navigation Head Unit

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4 year old 2014 RAV limited just suddenly dead on the navigation system.
After being told $1000-2000 depending on labor cost and product option, we decided to try our own by watching youtube vedio.The whole installation only took 40 mins as hubby is a handy person, but it really easier than thought.
All u need is a open tool to disassemble and plugin, couldnt be simplier.Functions: amazing!Google map, youtube, netflix with wifi setup with your phone.
It can also mirror your phone. OMG It really like inserting an ipad in your card with simple touch screen.One bad performance so far is the screen got freezed once when we backing the car.
NO RESPOND! But then it was finally solved when we reset everything to original. We guess it is because system language changed. Since it back to English, no issue found ao far.Hopefully it can last longer than the old one.
Perfect fit for my 2017 Rav4 and great customer support had some issues returned it for a refund but may try another unit soon.
So, your thinking its an android based head unit the options are endless.ehhhhh.. kinda ..
I guess..Starting from installation.Pretty straight forward and comes with eveything you need to make it work on a stock Rav4.In my case its a 2018 Rav4 XLE without JBL sub or navigation.Only tricky part is the long silver trim piece above it has to go behind the radio at the same time your pushing the radio in.
take your time and youll get it no problem.First boot will take a few minutes. Dont worry subsequential boots wont take half as long.Once booted. you have the default screens.
The App Drawer doesnt exist. all apps current or future will appear on the screen. swipe left or right. long press to move them around. long press a blank area to get the wallpaper/widget/settings shortcuts.So here is the first problem.
the screen only has like a 3×4 grid. some widgets will not display properly or may need more space. In the picture I have no available spaces for any other buttons/widgets.
Also, speaking about widgets. the Google At-A-Glance widget works to show the date/time weather.. But pressing it fails to open.
I suspect because this build is missing “Android System Webview” I tried side-loading the APK .. it acted like it installed but the Google app still doesnt work correctly.The touch screen is not as fast/responsive as your cell phone.
just be patient it will get you where you want to go.It is clear and very bright. I wish it would get dimmer at night.This version is using “EasyConnect” to essentially mirror your cellphones screen.
Using it via wifi, had no problem connecting and displaying the phone. you could control it from the head-unit. until you try to use google maps. It says it is not compatible.
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SYGAV Android 10 for 2019 2020 Toyota RAV4 Radio with Carplay Android Auto 9″ Touch Screen Stereo GPS Navigation Head Unit

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