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These are real reviews about Samsung Galaxy Watch 2019 (46mm) Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS Smartwatch, SM-R800 – International Version (Silver) from customers who has bought this product that share their experiences so you can make the best buying decision.

Watch is everything it should be. Battery lasts for about 3 days which is great. Didnt realizenitnwas a reman watch and not new. Dont remember seeing that on the add.
Also Kobe of the instructions were in English which leads me to believe it came from overseas.
The watch looks great. But since its an international version, there should have been 2 adapter styles. One for US and non US users. There was only one adapter for non US users.
Forts time seeing this style (see pic). Very disappointing. This was a gift and was such a hassle to get an US style adapter. Also instructions were in a non English language.
Suggestion for seller: package shouldve also included English instructions. Amazon also couldve made it clear that with samsung galaxy international watches there may be a possibly that it include non english instructions or non US style adapters.
I love the watch. Its perfect You can:1. Answer phone calls & talk via the Bluetooth watch with the cell phone nearby.2. Connect to WiFi directly after pairing to the phone.3.
Save some songs onto the watch, no need to carry your phone for that 10km jogging session. Only works with Bluetooth Earphones/Earbuds4. Your Bluetooth Earbuds can connect directly to the watch .5.
It uses the GPS to track your jogging route, & sync to Strava after the jogging session (from Watch to Phone). No need to carry the phone to trace the jogging route via GPS.
The watch does it for you.It works like a charm.
No problems at all.Although it could have done more, like somehow track the watch via GPS & free cellular data, only for the purposes of tracking down the watch Something like “find-my-watch” in a different location away from the phone.
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