Fiona Bruce, 56, compared the recent “period of privation” during the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown with the generation who “sent their children away” during the Blitz. The BBC presenter stated that the hardship during the last few months is greatly different from those who would have to split up their families with “just 24 hours’ notice” when Britain was at war.

Fiona said: “When the [coronavirus] pandemic first struck, everyone was saying we had never undergone a period of privation and a change to our lives like this.

 “And I thought, hang on a minute, there was a generation that sent away their children! As a mum, I can’t imagine doing that, the sacrifice.

“To pack your children off with 24 hours’ notice and just a little suitcase,” She added to Radio Times magazine.

The comments come after the star had taken flight in a Spitfire as part of a special Antiques Roadshow marking 80 years since the Battle of Britain and the Blitz.

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The episode was filmed before the pandemic hit, however the format focused on small groups discussing a single object with an expert, and is now how the show will proceed going forward under covid restrictions.

Fiona has recently spoken out after being named the BBC’s second highest-paid female after Zoe Ball, as she takes home £450,000 a year.

However, the highest-paid man is Gary Lineker who previously earned £1.7 million a year, but has since agreed to a £400,000 pay cut.

When asked by the Evening Standard if BBC staff are being paid too much, Fiona responded: “I will leave that to others to answer.



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