Selling Sunset is on Netflix now and fans are eagerly awaiting news of season four. One of The Oppenheim Group real estate agents Chrishell Stause appeared on Good Morning Britain to update fans on what to expect. She confirmed some suspicions by saying some members of the team have left, and they won’t be appearing in season four. 

She said: “I think you know they haven’t announced anything officially. I have to say a lot of us get on well, it’s like a dysfunctional family. 

“There is some splintering happening in the group, that’s real life, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. 

“Some people have left, the brokerage has split, there is a lot to pick up.”

She did not reveal who had left the series but there had been rumours of Davina Potratz starting her own firm. 

Maya Vander had also been considering leaving in order to start a new brokerage in Miami, where her family lives. 

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The star went on to joke with the GMB hosts about how she should be one of their favourites as she “stayed up so late for them”. 

Stause was one of the fan-favourites following season three, which focussed on her divorce with ex-husband Justin Hartley. 

Thousands of viewers sent her love via social media, after she opened up about how she was shocked to hear of the break-up during filming. 

Some fans believed she would leave the series, as she spent some time away from The Oppenheim Group to move back in with her family. 

However, she did not mention leaving the series during her chat on the morning show on ITV, so there is a chance she will be returning. 

Fans are still waiting to find out whether Vander will be coming back, or whether she has made the decision to start a new brokerage closer to her husband and young children. 

Potratz revealed she had been considering leaving the brokerage to start her own firm, during an interview in which she cleared up rumours about Hartley. 

She had been called out for taking sides with Hartley at Christine Quinn’s wedding, when she said there were “two sides to every story”. 

Quinn herself has spoken about the potential to star in her own series, as she revealed she was fed up of sharing screentime with her co-stars. 

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There were also rumours one of the brokerage’s founders Brett Oppenheim had split in order to start his own firm. 

However his brother Jason debunked the rumour in a recent interview, saying Brett is very much still a part of the team. 

This is not to say he will not star in season four, as both brothers have previously mentioned how the series was different to how they had originally expected. 

Jason revealed how he did not realise the show would focus so much on their personal lives and relationships, saying he believed it was a series focussing on real estate. 



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