Robbie Coltrane: Harry Potter star talks fighting pain 24 hours a day in health admission

Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane, 70, discussed the painful period of time he suffered from osteoarthritis, which is the most common type of arthritis in the UK. The actor battled with the condition before recently undergoing a knee replacement operation.

He explained: “I was fighting pain 24 hours a day when I was in National Treasure and Great Expectations.

“I had no cartilage in my knee. It was bone on bone.”

Robbie went on to say he wouldn’t wish such pain “on my worst enemy” as he added: “It was just horrible.

“The relief from that pain since the operation and being able to sleep has changed my life.

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Robbie went on to say medics will use artificial components to repair his damaged knee.

“The rebuild system they use is from America and is absolutely brilliant,” he continued.

In 2019, he was pictured using a wheelchair for the first time at a Harry Potter event, where he told fans he was waiting to have his knee replacement done.

Nowadays, Robbie is back in the spotlight with new comedy Orson Welles in Norwich.

He is widely known for starring as Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter franchise.

In the earlier stages of his career, he starred in James Bond films GoldenEye in 1995 and The World Is Not Enough in 1999.

His other on-screen work includes 2001’s From Hell, Stormbreaker in 2006, Brave in 2012, and Great Expectations in the same year.

Urban Myths: Orson Welles in Norwich airs on Sky Arts Channel on 28 October.