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mSpy is probably the most popular monitoring software on the market today. It is designed for parents who want to track their children’s online activity.
mSpy is available for iOS and Android, and has a web-based control panel that allows you to remotely monitor activity on your child’s device, including call logs, SMS text messages, internet browsing history, GPS location, emails, media (pictures & video), instant messages, and several popular social media applications and more. The best thing about mSpy is that it works on non-jailbroken iPhones.
To use it, you must first creat a account and subscribe either monthly or annually to a basic or premium plan. You can cancel your subscription any time.
Once you’ve subscribed to mSpy, you should be able to log in to your account.

Next, you will need to download and install the mSpy app on their smartphone. The installation instructions will guide you through downloading and installing the software.

Once installed, it runs in the background, and becomes invisible to the user, so your children won’t know they are being monitored.
mSpy will immediately start monitoring and recording all activities taking place on their device. All of this data can be tracked on the mSpy website.
If you are experiencing any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact them. The support team is available to help around the clock via live chat, email and phone.

Here are some of the awesome things you can do with mSpy.
Monitor Calls:
With mSpy you can view all incoming and outgoing calls, Access the information about a caller from the address book, View timestamps, call duration and chronology, and Block unwanted calls.
Track Text Messages:
View every sent, received and deleted text Check the sender of each message View the date and the time of every SMS.
Monitor Social Media:
mSpy makes it easy to monitor their social media activity on popular apps including Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype and much more.
See your kid`s current whereabouts on the detailed map, Check their route history over a specific interval of time, View location list details.
View Multimedia Files
Use mSpy to view every video or photo your child shares, receives, downloads or takes with their phone camera. Remotely browse all your kid`s videos on the mSpy Control Panel and prevent your child from viewing violent, pornographic or other inappropriate videos.
Control apps and programs
See the list of all installed and available apps on your kid`s device, View the details of each app, Restrict the usage of unwanted apps with Block App button.
The mSpy app records every keystroke made by the phone user, including passwords, messages and other information.
Browsing History
Monitor what sites your child visits on the Net with mSpy. You will be able to track and store all the activities taking place on your kid’s web browser. Besides, you can protect your child from objectionable content using mSpy website blocking feature.
Wi-Fi Networks
If you’re worried that your child is visiting dangerous or inappropriate locations, mSpy has the solution. Discover the locations your child is visiting by tracking the Wi-Fi hotspots their phone connects with.
Read emails
Monitor your child’s emails to protect them from bullying, online predators, and explicit content. mSpy provides emails monitoring both for iOS and Android devices.
Access contacts and calendar
Scan your child’s address book with mSpy. You will be able to track every new or existing number using mSpy Control Panel.
And there’s much more.
Incoming Call Restriction:
Block phone calls from all unwanted numbers Manage the restrictions you have set from your personalized Control Panel



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