Podcast host Joe Rogan majorly attacked the Kardashian women, going as far as to call them ‘crazy bit**es’ and to say that they caused Caitlyn Jenner to transition! But the transgender icon was quick to defend her step-daughters and ex-wife. Here’s what she had to say!

It appears that Caitlyn Jenner did not see Joe Rogan’s 2016 Netflix comedy special titled Triggered because he dissed the Kardashians at the time as well!

Back then, he argued that the Kardashians are like demons and if one spends enough time in their company, they become women as well, referring, of course, to Caitlyn’s transitioning one year prior.

However, Cait did learn about these jokes recently after Joe brought them into discussion again on his The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

He argued that ‘maybe if you live with crazy bit**es long enough, they f**king turn you into one,’ and Caitlyn is very upset about that.

The star argued in a passionate post, that has been deleted in the meantime, that such comments are very harmful to the transgender community.

Furthermore, she also made sure to defend and praise her stepdaughters and ex-wife, Kris Jenner.

As for Joe, he went on a long explanation as to how he constructed the 2016 bit in a way that did not get him canceled even though it’s still quite problematic for women in general and the trans community.

After all, he even not to subtly dissed his own family based on nothing else but them all being of the female sex.

‘When I wanted to make a joke about Caitlyn, the first thing I talked about was how living with only women — I have 3 daughters and my wife, and the way I described was it is like if my manhood was a mountain of marbles, every day they take 2. Like, you have so many marbles. God. It is every day, they snatch a marble, snatch a marble,’ Joe explained in part.


For more on what he had to say, check out the podcast and share your opinion!

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