Descent reboot devs provide update on legal dispute, say it may be renamed 'Ships That Fight Underground'

A reboot of the classic six-degrees-of-freedom shooter Descent was Kickstarted in 2015, raising $601,773. Five years later it’s tangled up in a messy legal dispute between developer Descendent Studios and publisher Little Orbit, in which Little Orbit claim that Descendent failed to meet milestones and quality standards, and then stopped working on the game completely. Descendent launched a countersuit, alleging that it was Little Orbit’s demands for additional console ports and other technical work that caused the delays, and that the publisher had failed to meet its financial commitments and promotional obligations.

Things have been quiet since the start of the year, but now Descendent have provided an update via Kickstarter, showing how close to completion the game is and explaining that, “It has been a long time since the last update, but we were frankly worried about what we can and can’t say when engaged in an active lawsuit.”