This is a review of the seven existing (as of publishing date) Serious Sam indie games.
“Change is hard to sell. If you ask me, I’d prefer the same experience I love being beaten to death over a franchise I love forsake its roots”.

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Thanks to Sashex for his accordion cover of the SS intro music:

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0:00 – Introduction
5:35 – Double D / XXL
7:00 – Gunstacking rumor?!
8:20 – Back 2 DD / XXL
12:11 – Kamikaze Attack!
13:51 – Random Encounter
15:01 – Greek Encounter
17:54 – Bogus Detour
23:14 – I Hate Running Backwards
27:24 – Tormental
30:34 – Outro

All background music is from the Serious Sam OSTs.
Otherwise; Gas Gas Gas by Manuel Karamori

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  1. I never played any of the indie games because I just assumed they had nothing to do with the Serious Sam series and only had a Sam paint job on top of them. I fully agree that having them around damages the mainline game's presentation.

    Btw, Greek Encounter looks like one of those Game Maker games made by 12 year olds from just copy and pasting code from youtube tutorials within the span of 2 weeks. :/

  2. 10:30 The dev of this game worked with XNA that the Xbox Comunity games/indies games on Xbox 360 workred on with the team Xona also in the program. Their game they was developing at the time was winning awards and geting alot of promotion from indie sites a game called Duality ZF which was a bullet hell shoot em up that could be played 4 players at once and have both player control 2 ships. It was anounced in 2008 yet has still not begin finished.

    So there's a Joke 99.9% of People who played Serious sam Double D XXL would of never understood explained.

  3. Most of those are still better than SS2… or fucking Advance.
    DoubleD is arguably great (it's one of those games I guess), Tormental, I hate Running Backwards, Bogus Detour – they are all great games that have some relation to mainline series.
    So fuck your opinion, the more great games – the better. Especially when mainline series is so fucking inconsistent in quality and tone. Not to mention that Serious Sam wasn't the best game ever in the first place and was flawed and repetitive experience from a get-go (I still love it to pieces, but let's put down our rose tinted glasses for a second).

  4. I do watch all your videos on serious sam despite knowing next to nothing about the franchise, the only stuff i know comes from the info i got from your videos about it.
    However there's an other youtuber who i follow who reviewed the original game and 2 in a massive 41 minute video and he had some points about SS2 being a more fun game for him than the originals and the 3rd game so I'm curious to try the 2nd game as well and give it a fair show because despite liking "The encounters" i did felt like a lot of times i was just running backward while shooting, at least in normal mode.

    I do own the hd releases of the SS encounters but I've never actually played them that much except the multi-player mode with some friends.
    However i did stumbled into the indie one multiple times, I've never played them but I always wondered if they were official games and where they came from, i was even tempted to buy one but most of these looks terrible with the exceptions of the early access twinstick shooter, that looks fun and awesome and it interests me.

    In the end i see your point of the indies alienating the already existing fans and even confuse people who are trying to get into the series but for my personal experience they can help too because someone might play one of the indies and then try the original one out of curiosity, especially because the Serous Sam franchise is one of those franchise that you acquire for an incredibly cheap price every once in a while

  5. Strange how most of these games are either directly based off of or inspired by other games. Excluding DD and whatever the hell The Greek Encounter is, there isn't much originality or interesting ideas going around. I know Postal has a 'boomer shooter' spinoff of it's own so it's actually really weird to think about that Serious Sam didn't take the same approach. Instead we have effectively a glorified Hammerwatch mod, a Nuclear Throne clone and I Hate Running Backwards, which is one of if not the only real original ideas so far excluding DD. Most are also within the twin stick shooter genre. But Postal.. started out as a twin stick shooter, and not a very bad one, so why can't Sam do it?

  6. Literally no indie title's hurt the Serious Sam brand as much as the third and second game did, so I don't really see your point. Double D was fine, so was that shooter made by Hammerwatch's devs.

  7. I wonder why there isn't a Serious Sam indie game that plays like Next Encounter. Or just an FPS game really, I don't get why so many different genres were done here. I would have liked Bogus Detour if the levels were far shorter and the game wasn't so slow and tedious to play through, a shame really because I liked the art style.

  8. Ahh, The Retro Encounter. 🙂 Awesome DOOM mod!

    i hate running backwards was even an SS 3 or SS Fusion mod on the steam workshop. Thats how i realized that the indie game exists.

  9. Okay, sure, Serious Sam is a first person shooter first and foremost, that is true and all, and a lot of fans would want ONLY that.
    But not EVERY fan of Sam would be of the same opinion, that's for sure.
    For a lot of people, seeing their favorite characters and stuff in a different environment is godsend, people want something different, something fresh, something weird .
    Of course it doesn't always work out, but that's why it's all experimental spin-offs, and if even the mainline can deliver a not so right experience, then spin-offs can for sure.
    And, lastly, speaking of people who ignore the series because of the spin-off titles… That's not spin-offs fault, that's their fault. That's just an ABSURD way to treat anything. Spin-offs are spin-offs for a reason, they are NOT representitive of the mainline. If someone doesn't understand that… I have no respect for those people, and neither should anyone, including themselves .


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