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Today we continue my efforts to burn every bridge I ever had with the Sly Cooper franchise and continue to showcase my gradual mental breakdown with a re-review of Sly 2: Band Of Thieves. This time it’s shorter and more concise than the last one. But it’s not less analytical and in depth. So please enjoy this slice of fried gold, while I deep fry my face.

The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review, satire and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976. If you want a link to the original content or believe your content is being used not under fair use, send me a direct message.

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  1. Didn't the PS2 become an absolute beast near the end of its life cycle? Games like FF X prove its potential. And especially games like FF12 Prove absolute units in terms of scale, detail and optimization? I mean Sly released in 2004 and just 2 years later 12 proved it had a lot more potential? And a year before FF12, Sly 3 came in and proved this theory even further.

    You might want to refraise that first part saying "Early days of the PS2". Because out of all gens 6th Gen had the mightiest improvements. Given Time I wouldn't be surprised if some madman ported fucking SKYRIM to that system and be as good as early to even Mid level Xbox 360 and PS3.

    Systems had time. But they needed to learn the tricks of that platorm to git gud. And they came in during the early to mid PS2 era. Where they didn't have all the kinks figured out.

  2. Great one Tgx, great one. Like…wow.

    For many years i have kept Sly 2 as my favorite game of all time, mainly because of nostalgia. It's not that i wasn't able to think and criticize it, but those thoughts were on very and i mean very minor scale. And as you told some of your points in first half of this video, i almost immediately thought that "hey, they improved on that in a sequel someways" and that was…interesting to say the least. I mean, Sly 3 was my first game in a trilogy, but i always thought about it as less, mainly because all the new gameplay mechanics, or in some extent gimmicks took too much time out of the main gameplay with a inconsistent results (i probably never get used to Dimitri's missions…), but now…i'm not so sure. I mean i'm getting to play new games almost every passing day, which gives me much more larger perspective in things, and so thinking about different aspects more critically, making me a much more different person than i was years ago.

    So yeah. I'm probably gonna replay Sly Trilogy next year if not earlier, shall be interesting to see if anything has changed. But…ok, forgive me for boring all of you reading this, but i just wanted to say those things in a more or less detail, and also thank you Tgx, for making me thinking about all this to begin with. So…thanks.

    Oh and if there's some mistakes in writing is because i'm finnish. Perkele.

  3. Great video. Though I still disagree on what you said about the loot system. In Sly 2, having to sell the loot to see your current total of money meant that I would often think I got enough loot, return to the safehouse, and find I had to go back out and pickpocket some more to buy everything. Since Sly 3 shows you your money count right away, you know when you’re going back to the safehouse that you’re done looting guards for a bit and can buy stuff and move on.

  4. "Shitzaruhackfraud Games" Good. Another one who knows those Sanzaru cunts fucked up and admits it. They never should have gotten their incompetent hands on the Sly franchise.

  5. Yeah dude when you mentioned the fact that you might get copyrighted for throwing in a comic book take down clip, you literally probably royale because YouTube has been copywriting a lot of things lately and it’s been really stupid to the point where some people have left and I don’t blame Those particular people! I am mean yikes there is no reason why they should be policing everything YouTube was created originally as a stress release and now they’re making it a stressful thing because everybody’s having fun and I really don’t appreciate the fact that their copy writing things that wouldn’t be copy written originally in short the copy writing everything and it’s not fair!

  6. OK here’s another idea they could’ve done for the clue bottles they could’ve made the noise a little bit more louder because as someone who is partially blind I don’t do well in the dark areas which is why the Contessa is my least favorite episode and she has two parts!

  7. Sly 2 is a very ambitious game but I will always prefer the Sly 3 over it. The biggest issue I have with it is the way that most of the villains have two full on episodes about them, to me that's what makes the game drag on so much. But I cannot deny the many home runs this game hits with its story, characters, music, and so on. I feel with each game every detail seemed to grow stronger and stronger.

  8. Sly 3 was always my favorite as a kid, but not for good reasons. It remains to be my favorite, and now I am old enough to play all of the games from an educated perspective, so my experience in both has been enhanced.

  9. I think your idea of Neyla using clockwork is great but after that them merging as a final ditch effort last boss would still work for me.
    And calling it a hate Tumor or hate seed would explain it better as something that grew and developed or that could have just crushed his heart..either or.

  10. I actually like the clue bottles. Collecting them is rewarding in and of itself. It's funny how often one of the clue bottle gadgets actually helped me through the story. and when you think about it searching all over the level to collect the clue bottles makes you more familiar with the layout.

  11. I actually really like the clue bottles. It gives people an excuse to explore the worlds and a little bit of challenge when you see a bottle but need to figure out how to get to it. I have also 100 percented this game dozens of times and know where to look to get the bottles, so maybe my view is different.


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