Tom Kerridge lost 12 stone after gradually putting on lots of weight during his career as a chef and landlord. It is this lifestyle he has credited for piling on the pounds.

There are multiple factors behind this fact, including the calories in alcohol and the after affects of drinking on the body.

Alcohol contains a fair amount of calories, but limited nutritional value.

A glass of wine contains about 125 calories and a can of beer around 155.

As most of us have experienced, alcohol reduces the ability to make sensible decisions.

Adele is said to have followed the Sirtfood diet.

The diet is based on seven proteins found in the body that have been shown to regulate a variety of functions.

Foods allowed on the diet include green tea, dark chocolate, apples, blueberries and even red wine is encouraged in moderation.

Is it also recommended to drink a green juice and drink 1000 calories a day in the first stage of the diet.



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