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In our followup review to the conflicting Spider-Man (PS1) we take a look at its PS1 exclusive (and arguably better) sequel. In a shorter review this time around. As a matter of fact this has been my shortest full review since 2017. But at least this time I managed to have the longest major review of this game yet to be made. So at least it’s not instantly antiquated like the last review was… What was i saying? Oh yeah, so Enter Electro. It’s alright I guess.

The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review, satire and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976. If you want a link to the original content or believe your content is being used not under fair use, send me a direct message.

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  1. Not without revealing his identity as Peter Parker TGX.

    And in Civil War, JJ filed a lawsuit on Peter for "deceiving" him when he sold him those "pictures of Spider Man". I think "Jennifer/She-hulk" who defended Peter brought up what you said, which got the case thrown out. Honestly the plus of Ultimate JJ is he stops being a dick to spider-man much early on after he saves him (and doesn't accuse him of putting him in danger), and even pays for his funeral when he's killed and even gives his condolences to Aunt May at the Funeral (the point before Miles Morales becomes "Ultimate Spider-Man")

  2. Great review. I really enjoyed Enter Electro and IMO it's incredibly underappreciated. Vicarious Visions improved on numeorus aspects from the 1st part like more moves for Spidey to use, more webbing (lazer and ice), more variety in the objectives throughout the levels, street levels, graphics are slightly better, better characters models, a bunch of new suits to unlock, etc. I also really liked how it takes place not that long after the 1st part while the contrast of it taking place mostly at dusk/night (part 1 takes place mostly in the day) was cool. The villains in the game (Shocker, Sandman, Beetle, Hammerhead, Lizard and Electro) were also solid and made sense as they of course werent in jail at the end of the 1st part and I liked that you had to think a bit more on how to defeat them. Overall it's a great sequel that doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

  3. I kind of think that Fallout: New Vegas had a "What If" mode with its "Wild Wasteland" trait. Also I knew of the scene being removed from the first Spiderman movie and that GTA 3's release was delayed because of the 9/11 attacks but I didn't know that this game got changed too because of it

  4. This is definitely one of those games you love the shit out of as a kid and then go back to and it doesn't quite live up, nor horribly disappoint.
    only 1/3 through but I think my biggest problem is the boss fights and enemy one liners are horrendously annoying. That and feels like levels are either needlessly big/empty or too claustrophobic

    Neversoft's best story was definitely THUG out of what I played. But then it completely shits on it with Thug 2 taking a polar opposite direction.


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