Kim Kardashian’s shapewear company is under fire again. This time for providing products for pregnant women.

Many people took to her post to tell her she is setting a bad example. They don’t feel as though women carrying a baby should worry about having a slim or smooth appearance.

Famous Kardashian critic Jameela Jamil even tweeted about it once she saw the debate was trending.

‘Lot of talk on the internet today about pregnancy shapewear. And each to their own. But from the discourse online I will say: I wish we could just Normalize just focusing on the inside of a pregnant body, not the outside. You don’t need your shape corrected or hidden. You don’t need an even more awkward obstacle between you and a piss. You just need to try and ride with this miracle and do your best to be as happy/comfortable as is possible within your circumstances. Pregnancy is hard enough, with enough worries already.’

After seeing the backlash that the maternity line is getting, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Twitter to explain that the product is made to give support to women with a growing belly. She also explained how it’s made.

‘To anyone who has an issue with maternity solutionwear and if you haven’t been pregnant before you may not know the struggle of what it’s like carrying all of this weight the way I did along with millions of strong women. Skims maternity line is not to slim but to support. It provides support to help with the uncomfortable weight being carried in  your stomach which affects your lower back – and the compression on the leggings helps with pain relief caused by swelling. It is also worn after you have given birth and provides the comfort and support that most women need after delivery especially if you are recovering from a cesarean.’

She went on to say that she’s received great feedback from those who have gotten to try out the Skims product.


What do you think about this new outrage?

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