New York Fashion Week's Best Celebrity Street Style Moments Prove Life Is a Runway

With confidence and the right outfit, the world is your runway. For proof, just look at these stars. 

For years, street style at fashion weeks around the world have shown fans you don’t need a catwalk to have a show-stopping style moment. As the years pass—and the social media age forges ahead—there is just as much of a must-see show happening out on the sidewalks as there is on the runways inside. And, as evidenced by the endless celebrity sightings, the stars are no exception. 

Decked out in designer threads and dressed to impress wherever they go, celebrities at fashion week are known to put their most fashionable foot forward at all times during the bi-annual event. Fortunately for aspiring fashion stars everywhere, photographers are there to capture every outfit, forever documented in the annals of fashion week history. 

With another fashion week currently underway in the Big Apple, there’s no telling how many celebrity style moments will unfold out on the sidewalks given the current coronavirus pandemic and unprecedented physical restrictions the industry’s hallmark events are facing this season.