Former Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan, 42, and wife of 17 years Ola Jordan, who just celebrated their daughter Ella turning six months, have addressed why they are finding it to be “quite tough” at home at the moment. The dancing favourites admitted why it is “weird” Ella is now six-months-old.

In a new interview, James and Ola opened up about how things are at the moment with their little one during the coronavirus outbreak.

“It is weird like we’ve had six months of baby now, it’s strange,” Ola began.

“Especially [as] my mum and dad haven’t met her yet so that’s quite hard.”

James then reflected how it is a “tough” time for them, particularly as his dad, Allan, is battling on with his radiotherapy after being diagnosed with a brain tumour earlier this year.

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He went on to say: “It was nice for my dad to do something a bit different with all of us, then we went on a nice walk at the front. It was a lovely day.”

Ola, who also rose to fame on Strictly, then admitted that it has been “hard” to see Allan’s treatment taking a “toll” on his body.

“It’s hard to watch him going through it… It takes a toll on the body, the chemotherapy and radiation, so it is quite hard,” she said.

“You always know it would be hard, but seeing someone close to you go through it, it’s difficult. But his birthday was lovely.”

Ola added: “It was a good day and the grandkids were around, it was lovely.”

James recently spoke out over his father’s “aggressive cancerous tumour” online.

In view of his 269,000 Twitter followers, James previously wrote: “Over the last 4 months my hero and best mate in the whole world has been in and out of hospital with very ill health.

“We were told several times that 100 [per cent] he had had a stroke and that’s why they were struggling to control his seizures.”



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