masterfox4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Nintendo is a brand that only needs to put its name in order to sell, it doesn’t matter if the device or thing is good or garbage in the end it will sell some cause of the pure name only, Nintendo long ago forgot what gaming quality is, and currently is trying to move forward by exploiting the gamers nostalgia, and the current perfect example of it is that Mario Collection, “oh Mario this and that, so good , blah blah BS”, if you think for a second and look what Nintendo has offered in the past months all the way to the past year you will realize their gaming library is really pathetic, but yet again here we are clamoring for Nintendo on how good it is cause the release of more freaking Mario games?, daaamnn seriously people let’s higher up the game standards of Nintendo, the only reason why Nintendo won’t make a decent gaming console is because of people keep buying their cheap devices and this is only because is name and not because the quality of their games, cause if were of the games with its currently library definitely that cheap device would stay on the retailers shelf for who knows how much time.



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