Melania Trump, 50, married Donald Trump, 74, in a lavish ceremony on January 22, 2005. The couple had been dating for nearly seven years before deciding to tie the knot.

From the moment they began dating, Donald and Melania attracted the attention of the public.

When they met, she was working as a successful model in New York while he was a successful businessman.

In 2017, Donald took on a new role when he was inaugurated as the President of the United States.

Melania became the US First Lady and the couple have often stepped out together in these positions.


Looking at their body language since getting married, body language expert Judi James explained a possible shift.

In early pictures, she suggested Melania may have been happy to take a back seat to her husband.

Speaking to, the expert said: “Melania’s key focus appeared to be on looking immaculate and beautiful.

“Her smile was perfectly executed but rigid enough to hint at the effort involved.

Judi claimed this may have helped Melania’s confidence grow and shift the dynamic in her relationship with Donald.

“There was a turning point in Melania’s body language that suggested she finally saw herself as a fully-fledged FLOTUS with popularity and status in her own right,” she continued.

“Instead of shadowing her husband, spontaneous-looking waves and direct connections to her audience suggest growing confidence and a growing lack of wariness about upstaging Trump.

“The mirroring between the Trumps present them as equals and very much a team of two, with the hand clasp hinting at a desire to signal affection and agreement.”



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