Who Wants to be a Millionaire winner pinpoints second he knew he'd won 'A simple question'

“So you’re saying less than a tenth of a second or however long it takes your brain to send the signal.”

He continued, recalling the moment he read the full question: “Then of course I read the actual question, yes it’s Blackbeard.

“Then the options start to appear and there’s a smirk starting at the corner of my mouth, I know it.

“But what did I feel? I don’t know, ‘I know the answer and I’m going to go for it.’

“The thought, ‘I’m on a tight rope with an awful long drop below me never occurred to me.’”

Donald added: “For me, it was a simple question and most history teachers worth their salt would know it.

“As a million pound question, that was one of the easier ones. For a history teacher, that was not a difficult question.”

source: express.co.uk