The next-gen Xbox designs and Patton Oswalt’s dramatic acting career have one unexpected thing in common: Big Fan. In PCs, 120mm and 140mm fans are commonplace; the average case probably has room for at least four of them to suck in and exhaust air. Consoles have always made their cooling more obscure, hiding small fans behind small grilles. But the Xbox Series X completely ditches that convention—its tower design is shaped by the exhaust fan at the top, which is giant for a console. And the much smaller Xbox Series S is almost as radical, with a ventilation cutout over its processor to allow for a similar jumbo fan. As consoles become even more similar to PCs, apparently their fans do, too.

When I think fans, I think Noctua, which makes the best CPU coolers and quietest fans around. So I asked Noctua’s Jakob Dellinger what he thought of the Xbox’s new design, and how it compared to PCs and past console cooling.



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