And that is no easy feat, especially when he alone is placed in long, intense scenes with the likes of Robert Pattinson and Sebastian Stan.

Arvin is, to me, the perfect protagonist – only made better by Holland’s nuanced performance.

Ravaged internally by an intolerable collection of childhood traumas, Arvin struggles with his own interpretation of faith, a theme that is constant throughout the film.

On top of this, Arvin is obviously not one of the smartest of kids in town, meaning he struggles to see – and do – what the “right” thing is, whilst also doing “right” by his family, and indeed by their legacy.

It is these traits, and countless others in Arvin’s idiosyncratic character, that is thrilling and – frankly – haunting to watch.

Arvin is made even more complex by Holland’s guile and intrinsic internalisation. He is heartbreaking, show-stopping, and entirely fantastic. His best performance yet.



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