President Trump, for the second time in his presidency, will commemorate the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks in Pennsylvania, a battleground state and site of the Flight 93 memorial. Trump previously commemorated the anniversary there in 2018. Like that year, White House staff will commemorate a moment of silence on the South Lawn in his absence.

At 8:46 am ET — the time the first tower was hit — Trump is expected to be in transit, per the daily guidance.

Air Force One was wheels up at 8:15 am ET, roughly 15 minutes behind schedule. The daily guidance, which mirrors Trump’s 2018 schedule, suggests Air Force One will land in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, at 8:50 am ET.

For 13 of the 19 anniversaries, the President in office has observed a moment of silence from the White House South Lawn.

President Bush observed moments of silence in New York, Shanksville and at the Pentagon in 2006, the five year anniversary of the attacks.

President Obama joined President Bush at the World Trade Center in 2011, the ten year anniversary. Obama also commemorated the day at the Pentagon in 2010 and again in 2016.



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