Antiques Roadshow has a long standing history of revealing the true value of items usually found in lofts or handed down through the generations. In an archived episode of the BBC show, one woman brought in an original Clarice Cliff vase which had been in her mother’s wardrobe since the 70s. While expert Will loved the item, the guest had a very different opinion – she hated it.

“Well for the past 35 years now I have had a bit of a love affair with the work of Clarice Cliff,” Will began. 

“Wherever I go, whenever I see her work, it makes me smile and makes me feel like I am at home.

“So, how did it come into your family?” he asked his guest. 

The woman explained: “It was my mum’s. She bought it in a charity shop for 50p in 1974 I believe.” 

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“Oh, ouch! Well, ok, alright. We will have to go with that,” Will muttered. 

He continued:  “What you have here is known as the globe vase and Clarice was very forward thinking.

“So you have got to think, when this shape came about in 1929-1930 this was well ahead of the game.

“And this shape is very desirable and if you look underneath you can see all the classic attributes.

“It was issued in 1932 and it all works really nicely.”

Moving on to value the vase, Will remarked: “Well, you think it’s ok and I love it.

“You think it is a little overpriced at £500, but I think it’s alright because I would give you £600-£800 for it.”

The guest laughed, not expecting it to be more than the £500 they had initially been told. 

“Oh wow,” she said. “Goodness, I like it a bit better now.”

Antiques Roadshow can be streamed on BBC iPlayer now. 



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