Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, 55, shocked fans when he revealed that he and his family were burgled while they slept during their luxury vacation to the south of France last month. Among the many sentimental items that were taken, he’s also now revealed that they took the equivalent of £10,000 made up of stirling, euros and dollars.

He reportedly felt like the burglary was very “orchestrated” and believed they targeted him after laying eyes on his watch.

“It was very orchestrated, and just very unnerving,” he said.

“I saw a drone flying over and hovering a couple of days beforehand. They were clearly doing a recee of the villas.

“Apparently they follow you back from Club 55, see you flash your watches, and then clean people out.

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“They found my briefcase which happened to have a lot of money in it which I hadn’t spent because everywhere you can use cards.”

The GMB presenter revealed he had a large sum of money in Stirling, Euros and Dollars that had also been taken.

“They took more than ten grand — that was in Euros and Pounds and some Dollars. So once they got a bundle of cash, they took that and jewellery, and didn’t take anything else,” he said.

“They didn’t take any of the laptops or phones as they’re all traceable now, and luckily they didn’t take any of the cards.”

“They took presents I’d bought Celia for our fifth wedding anniversary,” he revealed.

“And irreplaceable bits of jewellery which weren’t hugely expensive but they were of huge sentimental value.”

He continued to tell The Sun that he had lied about where he was staying so as to deter thieves from targeting him and his family while on holiday, a tactic which unfortunately didn’t work this time.

“I lied about where I was on Instagram and social media,” he said.

“I said I was in St Tropez when, in fact, I was a few miles away in Ramatuelle. I’d deliberately taken measures to avoid this situation.

“I never named the villa or showed where it could be, so it was nothing we did. Unfortunately now there’s not much the police can do.”

Celia addressed the devastating news in her Telegraph column before her hubby spoke out, and said she was “grateful” they got off lightly.

“After all the stories I’ve heard over the past few days from neighbours and friends who have been burgled in that same area, I feel grateful that we got off as lightly as we did,” she wrote, after recalling the chilling feeling when she realised that the thieves had sneaked into their bedroom while they slept.

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