Selling Sunset season three is on Netflix now and the series follows some of the top real estate agents in LA. One of the members of the team is Maya Vander, and she is a fan-favourite in the series. Fans are keen to find out where Vander is originally from.

Where is Maya Vander from?

Vander is known for her sense of humour on the series and she is dedicated to her husband and children.

She has a tendency to keep out of the drama, and this has made her one of the most-liked reality TV stars.

Vander is recognised for her unique accent on the series, and fans have been keen to find out where she is from.

Maya grew up in Israel and she made the move to LA in 2002. The Oppenheim Group website says of the estate agent: “The moment she arrived, it felt like home.”

She now splits her time between LA and Miami, where her husband works.

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She was 22-years-old when she moved to LA and she landed her job at The Oppenheim Group.

She is still in regular contact with her family, including her father who moved back to The Netherlands, and her mother who lives in Tel Aviv.

Family is very important to Vander and fans will know from her Instagram profile that her husband and children are the most important thing to her.

She is known to read her children books in Hebrew before they go to sleep, and is passionate about creating a multicultural background for them.

The star has been praised for being able to juggle her time between the demands of reality TV, her work in real estate and her family back in Miami.

Fans have a lot of respect for Vander, who chooses to ignore the arguments between her colleagues.

One said on Twitter: “I’m obsessed with Selling Sunset on Netflix and my favourite is definitely Maya Vander. Motivating me to keep pursuing a real estate licence.”

Another fan said on Instagram: “You are my fav on the show. You’re so peaceful, thoughtful, and kind.

“All the while selling, looking beautiful, being a mom, and wife. Don’t know how you do it, but you make it look great!”

Selling Sunset is on Netflix now



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