What caused the earthquake today?

According to Dr Zoë Mildon, a lecturer in Earth Sciences at The University of Plymouth, earthquakes like the one experienced today are a fairly regular occurrence in the UK.

These minor tremors tend to hit every few years even though the British Isles are not very active tectonically.

The earthquake expert told Express.co.uk: “To put into context, the UK typically has a magnitude 4 earthquake every couple of years. So earthquakes of this magnitude are not uncommon.

“You are right that Britain is not very tectonically active, and that is because we are a long way from any plate boundaries – tectonic plates are like jigsaw pieces that make up the surface of the Earth, and they move around and grind together, which generates the biggest earthquakes.

“But over the last 500 million years, continents have collided together and formed the British Isles as we currently know them.

source: express.co.uk


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