A reminder from yesterday. The two group winners with the most points go through to the five-day final at Lord’s starting on September 23. If there is a tie, the following tie breakers come into play in this order: most wins, fewest losses, the result between the sides in the group stage, most wickets taken, most runs scored.

Most wins (at start of final round)

Somerset, Essex (3)
Derbyshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire, Kent, Middlesex, Hampshire (2)

Fewest losses (at start of final round)

Somerset, Worcestershire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Essex (0)
Kent, Middlesex, Hampshire (1)

Results between sides

Somerset v Worcs – currently being played

Kent v Hants – in play.

Essex v Middx – in play

Essex v Kent – Essex win

Middx v Hants: Hants win

Middx v Kent: draw

Essex v Hants: draw

Derbys v Yorks: draw

Most wickets (at start of final round)

Somerset: 78
Kent: 69
Worcestershire: 66
Middlesex: 67
Hampshire: 63
Essex: 60
Derbyshire: 55
Yorkshire: 52

Most runs (at start of final round)

Worcestershire: 2,156 runs
Middlesex: 1,882 runs
Somerset: 1,847 runs
Kent: 1,759 runs
Derbyshire: 1,679 runs
Essex: 1,611 runs
Yorkshire: 1,573 runs
Hampshire: 1,058

source: theguardian.com


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