She said: “She was so lovely and she’s such a great actress.

“That was a very tough scene. We had takes where it was a lot more venomous and she and I explored, ‘What’s the range here?’

“Like, what does a child do in the moment when she confronts a parent like that, given how we often idolize our parents in that ‘they can do no wrong.’

“But I think that as you get older, you come to understand that your parents are human and they make mistakes.

“They don’t always get it right and they’re doing the best that they could in the situation that they have.

“But seeing the faults in your parents for the first time is sometimes very hard.”

In episode four of Lucifer season five, Brandt played a younger version of her mother known as Lily-Rose.

Speaking to TV Line about playing a younger Lilith, Brandt said: “No, no, and I was really happy to sink my teeth into something different, because while they’re related, obviously it’s a different period, and they sound different, and how they move is very different.

“Like, Lilith is way more feline in her movements whereas Maze is a bit of a bulldozer.

“So to be able to take on that period and the language and obviously sing was a lot of fun. I love a challenge.”

Lucifer is streaming on Netflix now



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