Ireland Baldwin Goes On Epic Rant About Female Weight Gain While Wearing A Two Piece Bathing Suit

Ireland Baldwin, the 24-year-old, beautiful daughter of Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin, went on an epic rant after paparazzi captured photos of the model where she was on the beach. Ireland opened up and revealed that she was dealing with her monthly cycle and had bloated about seven pounds due to water weight when the photos were captured. She then blasted paparazzi and wanted to illustrate to other women how important it is to love and accept yourself just the way you are.

Ireland explained that she posted a photo of herself on her Instagram story (the photo that you may see below) that was captured two days before her rant.

In the photo, she highlighted the areas of her body that she felt were bloated. She then posed in a tiger-print bikini to show off how all of the bloat was gone and revealed that she sometimes gains as much as ten pounds during her monthly cycle. The rant was powerful and many people responded favorably in Ireland’s comments.

Ireland spoke about the things that she uses to help keep her body in shape, but reminded women that they have to love themselves, even though some days they may be thicker or thinner depending upon where they are in life at the moment.

You may see the photo that Ireland shared on her Instagram story below.

You may see the video that Ireland Baldwin shared with her followers where she discussed body image, the photo paparazzi took of her and encouraging women to love themselves regardless of their size below.

While Ireland’s post received plenty of likes, there were some who questioned why she would make a video if she didn’t care about what others think about her. It’s important to remember that Ireland suffered from eating disorders in the past, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia. She recently shared a video where she announced her six year anniversary since she overcame the disease.

Knowing that Ireland struggled with eating disorders shows just how damaging photos and articles pointing out perceived “weight gain” could be to Ireland.

You may see the video announcement that Ireland Baldwin shared when she discussed overcoming eating disorders below.

What do you think about Ireland Baldwin’s video and rant? Do you agree with her?


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