He and his wife only married in August of 1958, and she was pregnant by two weeks when he took off on the Winter Dance Party Tour.

He had split with the Krickets at this stage but was forced to return to touring due to the demands of his contract, so instead was backed up by Waylon Jennings on bass, Tommy Allsup on guitar and Carl Bunch on drums.

Buddy and Waylon arrived in New York in January 1959, then travelled by train to Chicago with the rest of the band after meeting with organisers of the tour.

The tour began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the end of January, but the organisers were struggling with the logistics of travelling between venues, as some of the distances had not been fully taken into account.

As well as this, according to Rich Everitt’s Falling Stars: Air Crashes That Filled Rock and Roll Heaven, the drummer was hospitalised for frostbite due to the unheated tour buses, which consistently broke down due to the weather.

source: express.co.uk


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