Samsung’s QLED 8K includes clever upscaling which ensures that, no matter the original content, the quality will automatically adapt to give users the very best picture. So, even if you’re watching a VHS or DVD – the processor packed inside the screen will boost the picture quality to bring it closer to what you’ve come to expect from High Definition channels, Blu-Ray discs and more.

There’s also improved audio via Object Tracking Sound+ which is able to move the sound around the screen so it matches the objects tracking around the screen for a more immersive viewing experience.

Consisting of eight dedicated speakers built-in to the four sides of the Q700T 8K TV, Samsung is boasting that its OTS+ places the viewer right in the heart of the scene. Other features include Dynamic Black Equalizer technology which reveals all of the finest details, even in the darkest scenes, plus unique to Samsung QLED, gamers can play on for as long as they wish, with no worries of Screen Burn guaranteed.



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