Getting a peaceful sleep at night is not just about having a firm mattress and the perfect set of fresh linen sheets, it’s all about the pillow. Which is why you need to try this brand new cube shaped pillow that is taking the internet by storm with its unique design and excellent usage.

This kickstarter project has been a great success among consumers and industry experts alike. For example, this independent review by Pillow Insider terms Pillow Cube as the best pillow for side sleepers.

According to Jay Davis, the creator of Pillow Cube, this cube is designed for keeping your body in perfect alignment. Propping up your head while sleeping with Pillow Cube not only keeps your neck perfectly aligned with your spine but also reduces sleep apnea and decreases acid reflux.

Pillow Cube Construction

Pillow Cube is made from high rebound comfort foam that some of the best bedding companies use. But this is still better than the rest as it requires only a lesser amount of foam unlike others and it doesn’t turn into a lump after a few weeks.

This highly engineered, perfectly shaped and super soft yet supportive pillow is a must have and with good reason. Also not to forget about the super silky cover that allows air to flow through and prevents overheating – definitely a plus point.

This cube shaped pillow isn’t just any other regular pillow – it won’t bend your neck and will keep it straight so that you can sleep comfortably all night. It is hypoallergenic which is the first thing you look for in a pillow if you have any sort of allergies. Secondly, it’s antimicrobial which means that it will always stay fresh whenever you want to use it.

This super cool Pillow Cube is made with top quality high-rebound foam and will make your sleep 10 times more comfortable if you’re a side sleeper. And on top of it all, the silky cover is breathable and excellent for a good night’s sleep!

How Pillow Cube Helps Side Sleepers

Have you ever noticed the space between your head and shoulder when you’re sleeping on the side? If you do, you’ll see that it makes a square shape. It means that no round shaped lumpy pillows can fill that space properly in order to give your neck the perfect support. They’ll make your neck bend, flop your body posture, and twist your spine in an awkward manner.

To avoid all of these problems, the creator of Pillow Cube has come up with this amazing cube shaped pillow for all side sleepers. It can maximize your sleeping potential and improve the quality of your sleep by ridding you of all neck and back problems.

Side sleepers are always complaining about waking up with neck pains due to their sleeping position. Most side sleepers, as we have seen, sleep on lumpy pillows that do not properly fill the space between their head and shoulder which makes it difficult for their neck and back to be aligned.

Pillow Cube is definitely a game changer for side sleepers. By using this, you can say goodbye to neck pains! This very pillow will give your head and neck the support that it needs and will fit the angular nooks and crannies.

Pillow Cube comes in different sizes to fit the needs of different customers. The Pillow Cube basic that is 12” wide is suitable for people who prefer taking a nap while traveling. If you want to make Pillow Cube your regular bed pillow, there’s a 28” wide Pillow Cube known as Pillow Cube Pro that helps you sleep comfortably on bed. Both pillows are available in 3 loft options; 4,5 and 6 inches.

Not just a sleeping pillow!

The best thing about this pillow is that it’s a multi-purpose pillow. It’s not just for sleeping but it’s an excellent travel partner and great for meditation too! And it gets even better – it’s not designed just for your head, you can use it between your legs, under the arms for resting, or even as a seat cushion.

Along with side sleepers, Pillow Cube can be super comfortable for pregnant women who find it difficult to sleep peacefully. This cube shaped pillow can be placed between the knees to give a comfortable sleeping position.

Say goodbye to all the home remedies that you’ve been trying to get rid of waking up with neck pains, and make your life comfortable with this new pillow. It’s an amazing bedding invention for all the side sleepers judging from the sales and reviews so far.


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