Saturday Morning chef James Martin, 48, regularly updates fans with insights into his day-to-day life. The ITV favourite has now taken to Instagram stories and revealed he has an important announcement, which he teased to his 448,000 followers.

James didn’t reveal many details but gave fans a glimpse of what his latest move could potentially be.

Sharing a photo taken inside his kitchen, the small screen star posted a snap of his name engraved onto a leather suede bag which was sitting alongside a chopping board.

The TV star captioned the snap: “Big, big news coming next week for you all.

“Excited to share with you.”

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James didn’t say anymore on his latest move but the news comes just weeks after he announced he’s been working on an online shop to help support suppliers who have been struggling following the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharing a video touring his picturesque restaurant The Kitchen at Chewton Glen in Hampshire, he detailed his new online shop.

Speaking about the idea last month, the TV chef said that during the crisis, he tried to highlight a range of suppliers but this had an unexpected side effect.

“So every time I did it, I kept crashing their websites so after about the fourth one they said, ‘Well, why don’t you build a shop?’” he explained.

“[The team have] been so busy behind the scenes building a website shop that’ll enable you to get the produce – not only that we use here – chefs use all over the UK, delivered to your door,” James said.

“From fish to meat to oil to veg to gardening materials, garden tools, pans, pots, loads of equipment. It’s like a miniature chef’s larder,” he explained.

“What’s more, the store will be stocking sauces from Michelin-star chefs and amazing cut flowers.”

The small-screen star added that the “money gets straight [to the suppliers] so they get cash flow as well”.

James said: “I’m not a middle man, really, I’m just sort of doing it to sort of help really, and keep them going until hopefully we’re all back to some element of normality.

“When that’ll be, I’ve got no idea, but it’ll give you the opportunity to buy the most amazing produce at such a good deal, I cannot tell you.”

Meanwhile, James cooking show is due to return with a new series this year.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs today on ITV at 9.25am.



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