Graven is what Hexen 3 would have been if Raven Software had a time machine

Graven, unveiled during today’s Realms Deep online event, is a spiritual successor to the Hexen games, but it promises a much deeper experience than its predecessors. “Graven is Hexen 3—kind of,” 3D Realms chief Frederik Schreiber told me during a recent preview session. It’s the game that Raven Software would’ve made in 1998, if 1998 was now.

Schreiber describes Graven as an “action-adventure puzzler, with a few RPG elements here and there,” including quests, spells, and upgrades. It certainly looks like an RPG at the outset: As a priest of the Orthogonal Order, you’re convicted of a crime you didn’t commit and cast into the midst of a heretical conspiracy when your death sentence is interrupted by a divine being who’s not supposed to exist. You wake up on a boat sliding through a thick, dark swamp, which eventually deposits you into a city where your adventure begins.