Yakub, an 11-year-old dancer did a lyrical performance to Lion King’s Can You Feel The Love Tonight which David labelled as “really really beautiful”.

After the young dancer was danger magic act James Stott who refers to himself as the “magic marine”, who once again put his life at risk for everyone’s entertainment.

While David laughed at how “manly” he is, Amanda stated: “You fought for our country, you are the backbone of this country…that makes this [act] so unique as an act”.

SOS From The Kids wasn’t able to perform live due to the social distancing restrictions but they were pre-recorded singing another environmentally-focused song which made the judges “sit up and listen”.

Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer Act Faith Ifil sang a rendition of Stand Up For Something by Andra Day.

Commenting on the performance, Alesha said: “I really admire you for standing and delivering a really strong vocal and I think Simon [Cowell] would be proud of you.”

To close the night was comedian Steve Royle who had everyone laughing at loud with juggling and Irish dancing.

Ashley joked at how Steve “actually made me question myself, I don’t think I’d find someone dropping balls so funny”.

While David even went as far as to say: “One of the funniest performers who have been on the show.”

source: express.co.uk


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