Why Hilaria & Alec Baldwin Don't Have a Birth Plan for Baby No. 5

Being pregnant in quarantine isn’t that bad—at least, not for Hilaria Baldwin

The fitness instructor revealed back in April that she and her husband Alec Baldwin are expecting baby no. 5, and Daily Pop caught up with her on Tuesday, Sep. 1’s episode to see how her pregnancy journey is going.

“Doing this during quarantine is in some ways really great. So I’ll do the positive…” Hilaria told E! co-host Carissa Culiner. “You’re always near a bathroom, which is great when you’re pregnant because you have to pee all the time. Right? I’m grateful for that.”

She continued, “But then my kids are there all the time. There’s no activities. There’s no school. There’s no camp. There’s no play dates.”

Hilaria, mom to Carmen, 7; Rafael, 5; Leonardo, 3; and Romeo, 2, added that she’s “really tired this time around.”

And who could blame her? After all, as she recalled on Daily Pop, she got pregnant with her and Alec’s first child at 28: “and I’m 36 now.”

source: eonline.com