The Voice UK coach Olly Murs, 36, has opened up about his emergency hospital dash after a metal plate that had been inserted during his knee operation three months prior got infected. The singer explained doctors suspected he had sepsis last year and he was informed they had just “two hours” to save his leg.

Olly recalled his surgeon telling him at the time: “‘You need to come into London now. 

“’We need to operate within the next couple of hours. Go and get a bag’.”

The former X Factor star continued: “They had to open me up again in case the infection spread. So it got nasty.”

Olly also explained he decided against telling his girlfriend Amelia Tank, 27, about the frightening situation initially because she was in Ibiza at a hen weekend.

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When the Dance with Me Tonight hitmaker eventually shared the news with Amelia, she went straight to the hospital to visit him.

However, he joked she needed the hospital bed more than him, as she appeared to be struggling from a hangover from her time in Ibiza.

Olly added to The Sun: “All I could smell was the alcohol. She couldn’t even speak — she’d lost her voice.

“I think if anything she needed the bed more than I did. 


“I had a really bad ACL injury [a tear or sprain of the anterior cruciate ligament] which stopped me playing semi-pro,” he revealed.

“Back then I didn’t have any money to do the operation or get the physiological afterwards,” he candidly admitted. “I needed to pay the bills.”

“[Last] summer I told my team I need time off to get this fixed, because it was going in a really bad direction,” Olly added.

In June, Olly addressed the “hard” year he’s had following his knee surgery and shared a video of his recovery journey to Instagram.



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