NASA news: 56-year-old satellite will fall safely to Earth this weekend

Those five have all come back to Earth, most recently in 2011, re-entering over areas of open water.

The news coincides with the announcement NASA’s Space Launch System rocket (SLS) will cost 30 percent more than anticipated.

Kathy Lueders, who heads the space agency’s Commercial Crew program, wrote in a blog: ”Already within my short time on the job, NASA is checking-off key milestones and marching swiftly toward Artemis I.

“That mission, the first uncrewed flight test of our powerful Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft, is just a little more than a year away from launch.”

Lueders next discussed preparations for a ‘Green Run’ test of the SLS rocket’s core stage this autumn, potentially by the end of October.


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