New face on the list: Elune, Astral Chronicles

Duration: August 1st- August 31st 2019
Data source: AppAnnie
Only iOS & Googleplay store sells were included in this vid.

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  1. Love the new interface of your video..

    Anyways USA really loves Dragon ball as its the top1 and 3 on the gacha gaming..

    And FGO … ohh another money for Nero Fest,.. yeah… love this one …

  2. FGO is like apple products. It's expensive for the things that it could do and it has competitor with the same quality but cheaper. But people keep seeing the ads(in this case fan art) of this brand so it makes them feel like they don't want to miss the hype train so people keep spending on the game.

  3. please tell me what is the rank of Eternal City and Pokemon Masters???

    currently playing those games along with DanMemo, FGO and SAO so im pretty curious about those two

  4. But holy crap Dragon Ball is a cash cow huh? I'm sure the corporate suits must had payed Toriyama massive bank to get him back so they can continue to milk whatever random crap he pulls out of his ass, cuz they know the fans will eat ANY crap he shits out.

  5. It's a shame Monster Strike failed hard in the West huh? I wonder how long it will reign as king? There's no way it and FGO's billion dollar annual revenue is sustainable, they're gonna crash eventually.


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