The New LEGO x IKEA Collab Is Pure Genius

Illustration for article titled The New LEGO x IKEA Collab Is Pure Genius

Photo: IKEA

I have two kids, and so my hopes and dreams for LEGO sets over the years have slowly shifted from “Dragon Roost Island playset” to “adequate storage solutions”. And the new and surprising collaboration between LEGO and IKEA is definitely taking care of the latter.

The new BYGGLEK series is a “playful storage solution” that consists of a bunch of white boxes to keep LEGO in, with the catch being those boxes also have studs in them and on the lids, so they can also be used as construction sites.

It’s simple, but so good. Kids can open up the box, take bricks out of the box, build stuff on the back of the lid then, when it’s time to clean up, just…put the lid back on, with bricks still attached so they can keep going next time.

As a parent, this is a dream scenario.

They’ll start rolling out worldwide from October, and will be available in a selection of sizes, from a three-box set for $10 to a single huge box for $15. There’ll also be a custom 201-piece LEGO brick set sold alongside them, that consists mostly of simple, conventional pieces.