Coach’s fall 2020 campaign is all about family, so it was only fitting that the face of the brand, Jennifer Lopez, include her mom Guadalupe and 12-year-old twins Max and Emme in the latest promotional photoshoot. 

In addition to showing off their modeling chops, J.Lo’s kids also starred alongside her in a campaign video shared exclusively with E! News.

“They’ve been great today,” the multi-hyphenate says. “Max has been on his best behavior; trying to be. I’ve worked with Emme before a few times. But having the both of them here is a blessing.”

Jennifer then mentions her daughter’s request to get an Instagram, prompting Emme to speak up, “‘Cause my cousin has it and I want it!”

“She’s on TikTok,” J.Lo responds, adding, “We got some good pictures today!”

“I want a YouTube channel!” Max chimes in.

They grow up so fast! 

Jennifer also expresses her gratitude for having her kids on set: “Listen, working with these guys is a blessing for me. They wind up teaching me more—way more—than I could ever teach them.”



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