I built a 36TB home server this month, and before I tell you about it, I need to make one thing clear: I really don’t need 36TB of storage. It’s excessive, and the majority of that space will lie empty and unused for years. You could call it overkill, but I’m going to go with prepared. The build is the same either way, but isn’t it more fun to be optimistic?

Okay, so I got carried away. But believe it or not, the goal of my home server build, which I’ve been plotting since quarantine began in March, was to make a practical replacement for my existing server, which I first built in 2014 and have upgraded a few times since then. That server consisted of an i7-4790K CPU, five HDDs (3-4TB each), and one 128GB SSD in a Fractal Design Define Mini case. My server runs headless Ubuntu, which means I control it remotely via a terminal and web browser tools, and mostly runs media center Plex, though I run a Discord bot and a few other things on it, too.

source: gamezpot.com


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