One of the best moments of Avengers Endgame has to be when Captain America finally wielded Thor’s hammer Mjölnir, being found to be worthy. But just who else in the MCU is worthy of using the Asgardian’s weapon? Well a popular new fan theory argues that Ant-Man, Scott Lang himself, is too.

Reddit user Skyflakes101 wrote: “This one kind of goes off of MatPat’s film theory video speculating whether or not Thanos was worthy.

“But his theory claims that the qualities of being worthy is that you must be willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good and must only use violence as a last resort.

“Scott possesses the 1st quality when he sacrificed himself by shrinking between molecules in order to defeat Yellowjacket.

“And he also possessed the 2nd quality since he often chooses to reason with an opponent through some charismatic matter before he uses violence. Such as when he fought Falcon in the first movie.”

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Let’s also not forget that 2012 alternate Loki is on the run, having escaped with the Tesseract during Avengers Endgame’s time heist.

Tom Hiddleston’s character will next feature in the Loki Disney+ show next year.

The god of mischief is expected to be meddling with time, since he was wearing a prison uniform with a Time Variance Authority logo in the Super Bowl trailer this year.

The organisation polices time in the Marvel comics and looks to be making its MCU debut in 2021.

But with all this multiverse madness (not just for Doctor Strange) in Phase 4, presumably this alternate Loki will end up in Thor Love and Thunder.

Perhaps, he even gets his hands on a version of Mjölnir too.

We also wouldn’t put it past Loki to be a big problem for the Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

After all, the two previously came across each other in Thor Ragnarok and didn’t exactly see eye to eye.



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