Sir Paul McCartney, 78, was a part of the prominent British rock band The Beatles, which also consisted of John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The legendary musician tied the knot with his first wife Linda McCartney in 1969.

Following the Beatles, the couple eventually formed the band Wings and recorded an array of hits in the 1970s.

The pair also share three adult children together; Mary, Stella and James.

Paul recently opened up about his marriage to Linda in a recent broadcast as the singer admitted one of their initial attractions to each other was their shared “love of animals”.

Speaking about their relationship, he explained: “When I met Linda, one of the immediate things was our love of animals.

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“It was like one of them had said, ‘Let’s go back.'”

Paul went on: “And they would run to the other end of the field and they would just keep running. We were looking and loving it.

“But we looked down and we were eating a leg of lamb for Sunday dinner.

“We both said, ‘Woah, wait a minute.’ We made the connection.”



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