Like with the Thor set, you will have to complete a set of Awakening challenges and reach level 29 to get the full look.

The Groot set then becomes available at level 38 with players having to reach level 46 and complete Awakening challenges once again to get the complete skin.

The Storm set then becomes available at level 53, with players needing to reach level 60 and complete a number of Awakening challenges to get Storm’s final form.

The Doctor Doom set becomes available at level 67, with the full set available at level 74 and after completing character-specific Awakening challenges.

The Mystique set is the level 80 reward, with level 86 when players unlock the X-Men character’s full look after completing a set of Awakening challenges.

The Tony stark set is one of the final season 4 Battle Pass rewards, becoming available at level 93 with the full Iron Man set the tier 100 reward.



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