There were approximately 50 locations used for Lethal White in 60 days with producer Kenley-Letts saying it was a “challenge” for the crew.

She said: “The wedding was great because we were there for three full days and it was a really lovely hotel that does do weddings. So, I think by the end of the three days it felt like we had all been to a very long wedding, very nice lunch and drinks. It was a very nice location.

“But we do go all over the place and shoot out of London, in London and it’s a little bit of a strain on production but it was all fine. It all went very smoothly.”

While Grainger spoke about shooting the honeymoon scenes, saying: “It was stunning. We all got on a plane, a very small plane and went to Mauritius. It was beautiful. It was a very quick pre-Christmas break but worth every minute.”

She added: “In between takes I went in the sea in my wing, which I shouldn’t have done.”

Strike Lethal White starts on BBC One on Sunday at 9pm



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