Raysean White took video of the moment Jacob Blake was shot by police on Sunday in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The footage has been viewed millions of times,

“It’s disturbing to actually look out the window where I live and see this man get shot by the police seven times,” White told CNN on Monday. “It’s highly disturbing to me, but I’m pretty sure Jacob’s kids were more traumatized than anybody during the whole situation.”

Kenosha officers were called to a domestic incident about 5:11 p.m. local time on Sunday, police said. The shooting unfolded on a residential street packed with apartment buildings.

Here’s what White said happened next: White said he saw Blake get of a his truck and approach his son, who was on the lawn. Blake told his son to get into the truck while Blake walked into the apartment building behind a woman who was outside.

After stepping away and coming back, White said the scene drastically changed. Police were wrestling with Blake.

“One of them had him in a headlock and was punching him in his ribs, the other had him in a headlock on the other side of him and was pulling his arm,” White told CNN.

“After they punched him in his rib, the female officer tased him and Jacob kind of leaned on the car and they proceeded to wrestle him toward the back of the car and he went to the other side of the car. When they were on the other side of the car on the ground, I had to pick up my camera and start recording.”

And that’s where the video starts: The clip shows a Black man walking around the front of a gray SUV with two officers a step or two behind him, one with his weapon trained on the man’s back. As the Black man enters the driver side door of his car, the nearest officer grabs the tail of his tank top and seven shots are heard.

The man entering the car appears to go limp. A sustained car horn blares. A woman nearby jumps up and down, apparently in anguish.

“The officer that shot him, he got on his knees,” White told CNN. “He was trying to help him. He put his blue gloves on. Backup came. The other officers tried to help him.”

source: cnn.com


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