Recapping and Reviewing Episode 34 of Pokémon Journeys: The Series
“Bea, the Lone Warrior! The Terror of Grapploct!!”
“The Solitary Fighter Saitō! The Threatening Otosupus!!”

We’ve all been looking forward to this battle for a while, but how did our boy Ash do against Galar’s Fighting-type Gym Leader, Bea? In this review/discussion/analysis, I go indepth on the battle, Bea’s character, and what this means for Ash. Let me know what you guys think about all of the above in the comments!

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This is a review of the most recent episode of the Pokémon anime. I hope you enjoy! I don’t pretend to be perfect (or all that original), I’m just taking inspiration from others and trying to find my own style of videos.

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  1. Ash vs Korrina and Ash vs Visquez were both better battles than this, but Ash vs Bea was probably Ash's most important battle so far this series!


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