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A Fossil Sport smartwatch, an Anker 4-port USB-C charger, a 1-year PlayStation Plus membership, a Dyson Ball MultiFloor Upright vacuum, a Fluance high-fidelity turntable, a Vava 1080p dash cam, a Neweer ring light kit, and an Akira manga box set lead Monday’s best deals.

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Promoted Deal: Work From Home Collection | $300 | Indochino | Promo Code WHF300

Working from home doesn’t have to mean letting up on your appearances. In fact, the dress code hasn’t changed at all when it comes to job interviews and more traditional office jobs. And while you don’t technically have to wear pants anymore, make the mistake of standing up once and everyone on the conference call will know. It’s for this reason, Indochino is debuting their Work From Home collection. Choose any six made-to-measure shirts, chinos, and pants for just $300, saving you up to $174 at checkout. Don’t slouch, THRIVE in that gamer chair, and peruse the selection of casual and formal wear today.

I’m no fashionista, but I’m always down for a pair of burgundy work chinos. Pair them with this olive corduroy shirt for a sophisticated yet down-to-earth look. The perfect addition to your fall, and eventually winter, wardrobe, Indochino describes it as an “autumn armor,” especially suited to cooler transition weather—like the season coming up. If you’re going for a more classic style, why not order a pair of moleskin tobacco pants and a light blue button-up? Or, mix it up and buy all four. You’ll still have a couple more picks to add to your cart. Snap ‘em up while they’re on sale using the promo code WFH300. Offer ends August 30.

If you’ve been looking for a meaty USB-C hub to pair with a new Macbook or other USB-C device, take a look at the Anker PowerExpand+, which sports gigabit ethernet, HDMI over USB-C, USB-C 60W Power Delivery, a card reader, USB-C and two USB 3.0 ports, all for just $27 on Amazon when you use code AKCHUBPD. They’ll even throw in a travel pouch to keep your new best friend cozy on the road.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 4/21/2020 and updated with new information by Jordan McMahon on 8/24/2020.

Just because I’m not going anywhere that requires portable power doesn’t mean you aren’t. For a short while, you can grab a RAVPower 20100mAh USB-C Power Bank for $28 with the code KINJAPB9 and a clipped coupon. What are you waiting for? This deal won’t last long.

You might find yourself stocking up on games as our time in quarantine marches on. Eventually, you’ll run out of space, unless you stock up on enough storage to keep going. It’s pretty costly, but a 1TB microSD card should be able to hold you off for a while, and right now you can get this one from SanDisk for $220 off at Amazon.

This deal was originally published on 8/17/2020 and updated with new information by Ignacia Fulcher on 8/24/2020.

The Anker 65W 4-Port charger is down to $40, no code needed You’ll be able to charge four devices at once, and the charger itself is thin and can plug into any traditional socket. I don’t think your phone or tablet will be dead ever again. Grab it before it’s gone!

Need a new power bank? You cannot go wrong with Aukey’s Basix Pro. The pack’s wireless charging works like a charm (and quick charges too!), and you and use it as a charging stand while you enjoy some videos on your phone. Perfect for multitasking if you’re not near an outlet! By using the code 2E47L8WO at checkout, you can get one of these useful power banks for just $37. Don’t sit on this one!

Lighting is very important when you want to take good pictures. Bad lighting can make even the perfect angle look horrible, so if you’re having trouble because it’s too dark, a ring light kit can help a ton. It’s also great for videos and streaming to make sure you look great. By using code 42UTQOAP at checkout, you can get Neewer’s ring light kit for just $60, a huge discount from the MSRP of $110. Grab one and up that selfie and content creation game!

Smartwatches can be super useful tools, but sometimes, they do a little too much. It’s a little scary when it seems like your smartwatch knows more about you then you do, you know? If you’re looking for a basic smartwatch but don’t want to pay a lot, now’s your chance, because the Fossil Sport Smartwatch is on sale for just $99.

The Fossil Sport will do the things you expect out of a smartwatch, like track your steps and give you notifications from your phone, as well monitor your heart rate. That’s always useful and many smartwatches don’t do that! It also has Google Pay and is swimproof, so it’s not going to short out when it touches water.

Right now, the Smokey Blue, Blue, and Green models are available. grab one before your favorite color sells out!

If you’re spending more time outdoors, you’re not alone. But there’s no reason that time in the great outdoors or lounging in your backyard needs to be in silence. Right now take 50% off Brazen’s BRV-105 and bring the tunes wherever you go.

This portable Bluetooth speaker packs some serious sound into such a small container. It’s waterproof so beach trips, poolside, rain on a hike, all ok for this little speaker. You’ll get up to eight hours of playtime while you’re on the go. The elastic strap and thread mount let you tack it to your bike or even on you while you’re on the move. This speaker is even shockproof so don’t fret if you happen to drop it, it was literally designed for that. There’s an internal speakerphone so you can even take calls hands-free wherever you are. It’s pairs easily with your phone and comes in four colors that will pop wherever you place it.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Do you stream a lot? Host a podcast? Make a lot of videos? If so, you know that having the right equipment for the job will make everything a LOT easier when it comes to editing. A good microphone stand will get your mic away from your keyboard (so it won’t pick up the clacking), allow easy movement so it’s the perfect space away from your face, and generally doesn’t take up a lot of things. Tonor’s microphone stand does all that, and by using the code LHHKH2IX at checkout, you can get this helpful accessory for just $26. Don’t delay, as this deal is set to expire today (it’s still valid as of this writing)!

If you’re looking for new ways to protect your precious appliances or tech products from damage, you should go ahead and check out this Belkin 3-port surge protector that includes two USB ports so you can conveniently charge your phone or tablet with ease. It’s made with a rotating base, so it’ll fit even in the tightest of spots. But the whole point is to keep your laptops and whatever else from frying out during power outages or …power surges, duh. And at $17, it’s 15% percent off the original list price. Sounds solid to me.

Over at Amazon, Samsung’s higher capacity EVO Select microSD cards are up for some nice discounts. There’s a 128GB chip down to $19 from $25, and you can also save $15 on the massive 512GB option for $85 total. With 100 megabytes per second read and 90 per second write speeds, this card will load apps and games fast, and it’s also great for 4K shooting and high-speed photography if you’re into that. Both ship with a memory card adapter, and both ship within a day.

With social distancing still in effect and outdoor dining underway still I’ve seen a ton of people and establishments with Bluetooth speakers. I’ve personally enjoyed that one of my local spots hung speakers under the TVs they’ve pushed to the windows that you can connect Tunity with to listen to the game you’re looking at. Brilliant! Take $10 off this colorful little Sony Bluetooth speaker today to enhance your next social distanced hang or outdoor chill.

It comes in four colors but I think the blue is rather fetching. It’s splash-proof so beach days and poolside lounges are totally fine. You’ll get up to six hours of playtime off of one charge and it’s got some killer bass for such a compact speaker. Pair it easily with your phone and you can even accept calls with its built-in mic.

This item ships for free.

Listen to some tunes while you go on your daily run with Anker’s $33 Liberty Soundcore Neo headphones. That’s $7 off their original list price, and they have sound isolation technology so you won’t be disturbed when you’re trying to concentrate. It can easily connect to any of your devices with Bluetooth and has life-changing bass because a good boom boom is important. Grab em’ before they’re gone.

This deal was originally published in June 2020 and updated with new information on 8/19/2020.

I could prattle on about PlayStation Plus’s value with free games and other goodies all day, but one simple fact remains—you need the service to play games online on your PlayStation 4, and it’s safe to assume it’ll be the same for the PlayStation 5. And you need PS+ for cloud backups for your saves. So, I’m always on the hunt to find the best price for the membership so I can extend my PS+ into the next… let’s say decade or so. CDKeys has 1-year PlayStation Plus codes for just $32, which is a hell of a good deal. Don’t worry, either, as CDKeys is a trusted site to get your codes from, and they’ll help you out with 24/7 support if something goes wrong with your key. So buy with confidence!

Woot’s Video Game Blowout is huge, offering all sorts of deals on refurbished retro games. But you may not have noticed that at the bottom of the page, there are also refurbished consoles waiting to be bought! You may also notice that they are selling out fast. The sale only started Saturday, but a number of consoles are already gone. So make sure to grab a refurbished Nintendo Gamecube, aka Nintendo’s best console, for $100 before they’re gone!

Okay, okay, maybe the Gamecube isn’t the best console (that goes to the Virtual Boy—I’m joking please come back), but it’s a solid little box that’s home to some great niche titles that haven’t made their way to any modern consoles. You can even buy some of them during Woot’s sale too, like Kirby Air Ride and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. There’s even Super Smash Bros. Melee for the… discerning … Smash Bros. fan.

While Woot’s Video Game Blowout lasts until September 30th, some of these items are already selling out. So don’t delay!

Woot’s huge Video Game Blowout sale is underway, and you can save big on a number of refurbished retro titles and used consoles. There are a number of Pokemon titles in this particular sale too, which is big news for a collector of the massively popular series. Anyone trying to cobble together a collection knows that Pokemon titles are difficult to find, and especially for the older titles, you’re now likely to pay a lot to get a cart with a dud of a battery. Super frustrating!

But since Woot’s games are refurbished, all of the Pokemon games on sale have either had their batteries tested or completely replaced. So, you know you’ll be getting a working copy of the game!

Which Pokemon games does Woot have on offer? Hold on, because it’s a lot:

Yeah, that’s a big old load of Pokemon. The Video Game Blowout lasts until September 30, but don’t expect these titles to stay in stock the whole time. Grab the titles you want before they’re sold out!

It’s not often Ninty Switch games go on sale, especially those of the first-party variety like Arms, 1-2 Switch, and Luigi’s Mansion 3.  BUT, for a limited time, you can save up to 50% on select digital games for the console-handheld hybrid and take these high-profile titles on the go or docked to your TV as you sit on the couch at home. Other games in the mix include Just Dance 2020 for $20, Star Wars Episode I Racer for $12, and Dead by Daylight for $26. It’s worth noting that while Luigi’s Mansion and Just Dance link out to the digital copies, 1-2 Switch and Arms default to the higher-priced physical versions. So make sure to toggle over to the Digital Code button before you check out.

Act fast because these rare discounts tend to expire quickly and without notice—or you may wind up paying full price for 1-2 Switch like those launch day suckers (me) and no one wants that.

I was so excited when I got this turntable earlier in the month. Up until now, I’ve had cheap record players that would all break a year or so after purchase. But finally, I had a quality system to actually enjoy my vinyl collection with. My musician pal came over to help me set it up. I unpack it all and start placing everything to plug in when he asks me where the speakers are. I didn’t even realize I needed them. I tell you this because I am in love with this turntable and had it not been for him and an extra set of speakers he had (praise be musicians) I would’ve been in real trouble. This gorgeous Hi-Fi piece from Fluance is $100 off right now and it’s my favorite thing in my house aside from the dogs.

Setting it up was pretty easy except I have a major grip with installing the counterweight. It could be user error but we followed the directions and still, I just couldn’t get it perfect. It’s not pretty dang close now but it took some retooling. But outside of that, it plays beautifully with both new and old records. The high-performance cartridge has greater precision for high definition audio no matter the age of what I’m playing. The cabinet is dazzling. It’s a solid wood plinth with a walnut finish. The aluminum platter and a rubber slip mat keeps unwanted vibrations from interpreting playback which is perfect when you have an eighty-pound lab-mix bounding around the room. The Fluance RT81 is my beloved new toy and I couldn’t be more taken with its warm full sound filling my house every weekend morning. Oh, remember to buy speakers too!

Free shipping for Prime members.

A spotless space is something we all strive for especially in these new times of being ultra-clean and hyper away of sanitizing. And if you’re going to buy a new vacuum you want the best, that’s Dyson and everyone knows it. Today only take $180 off the Ball MultiFloor Upright Vacuum at Best Buy.

This Dyson Ball 206900-01 upright vacuum destroys dust and mitigates messes in seconds with precision. Cyclonic tech and reusable cloth filter clean every spot of your home with ease without losing any suction power. It has no problem tackling carpets, bare floors, stairs, and any other tough-to-clean area because it’s got a 30′ cord. It’s bagless and the dust cup has to be emptied a lot less than the average vacuum saving you time and energy. Painless to maneuver, effortless to clean, and all with the power and promise of a Dyson for substantially less money. Win-win.

This item ships for free from Best Buy.

I know dashcams are popular for a number of reasons but never really understood exactly how useful they are until I saw one in action. Last week a biker hit my pal’s car head-on while he was at a stoplight. While the footage was unpleasant it helped him and the police see exactly where the guy came from and how he cut across lanes of traffic and just didn’t even seen that the light was red and traffic was stopped. This morning you can grab this Vava 1080P 3″ Dashcam and protect you and those around you no matter where you travel.

The Vava Dashcam has a wide viewing angle with crisp quality even in high-speed driving. The wide recording angle and LCD screen can capture the whole road with a clear definition. The built-in battery lets the cam monitor your car 24/7. It’s got a G-senor which automatically locks, saves video upon collision, and can’t be overwritten. It’s small enough to not obstruct your view of the road but powerful enough to still get a full scope. It includes everything you need to start surveillance as soon as you open the box: 8GB SD card, charger, window mount, and prybar. Peace of mind at 69% off.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

I’m going to level with you, dear readers. I don’t know the difference between an impact driver and a drill. But, I can tell you that this DeWALT Impact Driver is on sale at Home Depot for $130, and that DeWALT is a pretty great brand. So if you need an impact driver and not a drill for something, this is a great time to pick one up.

It has all sorts of features, which Home Depot’s page will explain way better than I would:

  • Precision drive in speed 1 for precision applications and added control
  • 3 LED lights with 20-second delay after trigger release, provide visibility without shadows
  • 1-handed loading 1/4 in. hex chuck with easy grip sleeve
  • Compact and lightweight design to fit into tight areas (2 mm shorter than the previous DCF886)
  • 3250 maximum RPM
  • Quick release chuck
  • Accepts 1 in. bit tips

Neat! You can grab this online for in-store pickup, or have it delivered straight to your house. Enjoy your new tool and knock out those DIY projects.

Popcorn can, theoretically, be a low calorie treat that you can enjoy without wrecking your goals or macros. But… well, the way most of us make popcorn, with tons of butter and oil, isn’t quite it, chief. On top of that, microwave bags can be a pain to deal with—my bags always end up as half kernels yet somehow still on the verge of burning, and everyone knows that the smell of burnt popcorn is one hell of a bad kitchen smell that lingers until the end of time. So stop dealing with all that extra stuff and pick up this hot air popcorn popper instead. With it, you’ll get a reasonable portion of popcorn without the need of oil, and it’ll be cooked right every time. By using the code GJ69M5AL at checkout, this baby is a low low $19!

For a short time, you can get a whopping 60% discount on the Satisfyer Pro 2. It’s an oral sex simulator that will suck the shit out of your clitoris and has so many modes of pleasure. One of our writers, Jolie Kerr, says it best:

Satisfyer Pro 2 delivers a very specific experience; basically, it’s designed to stimulate the clit and nothing else, although you can certainly explore other areas with it. It is not, however, an insertable toy and should only be used externally.While it’s not an especially versatile toy, and doesn’t strike me as a great candidate for couples play, it is very, very good at what it does. Basically, if oral sex is the way you like to get off, Satisfyer Pro 2 will make you very, very happy.

The Satisfyer is only $50 with the promo code BEACHY so make sure you grab this and get off before it’s gone!

It’s still August which means it’s still wellness month which means you should be engaging in some serious self-care. The Magnolia Dual Powered Rabbit is a favorite over at Adult Honey Play and is her to help. Plus if you use our code KINJA40 it can be yours for just $36.

This rabbit vibe has two different motors as you would expcet from a toy like this. There are seven different pulsating patterns each building to what you need to get your own motor revving. The smooth safe silicon surface and sleek shape were pointed out by very happy customers. The flexible bunny ear moves just where you want it to. The Magnolia is IPX7 waterproof so it’s good to go in the shower, tub, or pool. Customers have gone back and forth on the sound but honestly, you should never be ashamed of getting yours no matter how loud it is. You can charge it with the USB cable and make your selection from perfect pink or pleasing purple.

Free shipping on orders over $59 or get free-fast shipping on sales over $75.

It’s that time of the week—that’s right, time for an awesome new JACHS NY sale to help fill out your wardrobe with more great looks for cheap. This week is the Summer Shirt Sale, and by using the code 2SM at checkout, you can get two short-sleeve shirts for just $40! Or one for $25, but who really only needs one shirt? Like, really?

This sale includes two types of shirts—short sleeve button-ups, and classic polo shirts. So, if you’re not a big polo fan like me, you can still get some great stuff that’ll look as cool as you’ll be feeling. Sales like this tend to see popular colors selling out, so hurry and grab what you want now!

GlassesUSA is kicking off their Labor Day Sale now and the savings are amazing. Starting today you can take 65% off in-house eyeglasses, sunglasses, and prescription sunglasses. Just use the code LABOR65 at check out once you’ve made your selection.

Want Premium brands? No worries, they’ve got a deal for that too! Use the code LABORDES25 to get 25% off Premium frames. The only brands it won’t work with are Oakley and Ray-Bans. These codes don’t work on contacts or sale items but you won’t pay for anytiny on shipping.

This sale runs until September 12 and there is free shipping for all orders.

The end of summer is fast approaching but that’s good news for you. UNIQLO wants to give you one last hooray by putting together several deals to celebrate the waning dog days this weekend.

Looking for a new pair of jeans, chinos, and sweats? Well grab two and get $5 off each. Prep the fall wardrobe now with cozy sweats and stylish jeans. Men’s and Women’s styles are available and most are $40 a pair.

If there’s one thing a UNIQLO does very well its graphic tees, especially their licensed ones creating some of the coolest partnerships. The new Disney collab of Furry Friends is no exception. That line Magic For All Icons, Peanuts Mood, and more are just $15!

Maybe buying a sweatshirt or sweater will bring on cooler summer nights so you can actually enjoy one of them without heat exhaustion. If you download the UNIQLO app you get $3 off your first order and sweatshirts are up to $10 off exclusively through that app. Again both men and women’s styles are available.

They keep saying embrace the new normal of working at home and honestly if that means being more comfortable on zoom calls while my dog sleeps in my lap I’m all for it. UNIQLO likes this too and has a ton of pieces in the Work From Home essentials collection for as low as $10. There are better options on the women’s side than men’s for this deal.

Free shipping on orders over $99.

Otakus will have you know that Akira is to manga what the Mona Lisa is to art, and you can catch up for $70 off at Amazon. The $129 total nets you six hardcover books, an Akira Club hardcover artbook with glossy pages, and an iron-on version of Kaneda’s iconic pill patch. Too bad there aren’t many Comic-Cons going on.

The price seems to steadily be dropping so who knows—it might be lower by the time you read this. Or it might be sold out! So don’t delay locking in a good price for this massive collection.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 8/6/2020 and updated by Gabe Carey with new information on 8/24/2020.

I haven’t had the chance to play Remedy’s Control yet, but I know for a fact that it’s a beautiful and eerie looking game. Basically, the perfect candidate for an art book! The Art and Making of Control is set to release this holiday season, and you can pre-order the limited edition for just $39. Nice! The limited edition comes with the book in a hardcover format, a slipcover to prevent it from getting dusty, and some exclusive art cards. For under $40, it’s a damn good deal. And remember—if you pre-order now and the price drops lower, you’ll even get that lower price automatically, so lock it in now!

There’s no grey area when it comes to Resident Evil movies. You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. I’m in the former camp, so my eyes popped when I saw the chance to pre-order a six-film Blu-ray collection for $72 (normally $96). Here are all the films you’ll get in the package:

  • Resident Evil
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife
  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  • Resident Evil: Extinction
  • Resident Evil: Retribution
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Follow Alice in all her dangerous encounters up against the Umbrella Corporation when this 4K collection breaks out like the T-virus on November 3, 2020.




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Listen, no matter how loud the anti-maskers have a temper tantrum, masks protect yourself and others from COVID-19. We’re living in a pandemic and you know, it requires a bit of preparation for going out in public. This 20-Pack of KN95 masks (and any other size) are $48, 20% off with the code KINJA20, which is $12 off the original price of $60. If you have a bigger household, you might want to invest in the 50-pack for $104, or even the 100-pack for $160. Like I said before, yes, masks are overpriced these days, but this brand of KN95 masks are certified by the CDC to block 95% of air particles up to .3-micron levels. What are you waiting for? Grab a box and start using them!

I’ve been a fan of PyroPet candles for years and have had a few of them and even given them as gifts. I still haven’t burned the very first one I got from their Kickstarter in 2014, the Kisa in pink. This is that same candle but in black. It’s 27% off right now and is one of the rarer ones out in the universe.

When you burn this candle down (which takes about twenty hours) you’ll find the quirky metal skeleton of a grinning feline left. This makes a wonderful spooky decoration for a bookshelf or office. The candle is made of paraffin wax and the skeletal core is aluminum. Kitty stands about six inches tall and the beautifully designed geometric shape is incredible to watch melt away. Honor all the black cats you’ve loved over the years as you light it as a tribute. Here’s to you Salem and Binx. Just don’t forget to grab a decorative plate to let the wax collect on.

This item ships for free for Prime members.

Harkening back to the fidget spinner days, I see Speks as the natural evolution of the 2017 phenomenon. Similarly, it’s a magnetic ball toy meant for you to fidget with throughout your days now spent agonizing over job security and solitary confinement. Rather than biting your lip or anxiously bouncing your leg, the fidget toys are a healthy and fun way to cope when you’re stressed. You can mold them into various shapes and even pair ‘em with a second set, for more sculpting possibilities. They come in single- and multi-color variants including teal, rose gold, and “jazzercise.”

For a limited time, you can buy one set of Speks magnetic balls and get Unblocks—a comparable toy akin to magnetic Lincoln Logs—free (a $15 value) using the promo code FREEFUN. And remember, orders over $45 come with free shipping, so order a couple and save a few bucks on courier fees. Don’t sweat the small things, try Speks instead. Believe me, I have, and it works!

For a short time, Best Buy is offering Skullcandy Wireless In-Ear Headphones for a low $50. That means it’s 50% off the original list price of $100.

They available in Dark Grey and Psychotropical teal, both at the smae price. Charge em’ up and start listening!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sunday Scaries is one of the best experiences you can have with CBD. Not only does it give you that calm, relaxed feeling everyone is craving nowadays, but even the gummies contain vitamins B12 and D3, so you’ll feel chill yet refreshed enough to take a run. Personally, I like to mix it into my tea or coffee, with a little butter or whole milk to let it dissolve in the fat. Afterwards, I’m energized enough to go for a run while my anxious jitters are completely at bay.

For less than $15 when you subscribe and save using the promo code INVBTL50 (automatically applied at checkout), you can try it out for yourself. CBD’s non-psychoactive effects may not bode well for everyone; however, I do recommend testing it out—when it does work, the results are unmatched—and that’s doubly true of Sunday Scaries in particular.

Yesterday was National Couples’ Day but that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate. People often think vibrators are for solo aviators but I’ve always thought it’s sometimes more fun to have a romp with a friend. MysteryVibes app-controlled vibrators add another layer of fun to sexy playdates. The Crescendo Bendable Vibrator ($120) is definitely an entertaining accessory to add to the mix and you can save 20% with the code RELAX20.

With six powerful motors, that you or your partner can control through the MysteryVibe app, customers are saying this rivals the rabbit. And honestly, it’s not hard :phrasing: to see why. The Crescendo is built for you, no literally. It’s made to mold to what you need. Its flexibility ensures it hits all the right spots and helps you discover new O zones. It’s made from safe silicone, is waterproof, and you can get it in teal or purple. It takes forty-five minutes to charge and then you’re off to the races. Just remember to clean up when you’re done.

Free shipping on orders over $40.

If you need some hand sanitizer, Amazon’s Solimo brand is selling massive bottles of this magical elixir of the 62% ethyl variety for just $12. Perfect for refilling smaller bottles, you’ll have it within a week’s time.

Illustration for article titled Mondays Best Deals: Fossil Sport Smartwatch, 1-Year PlayStation Plus, Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Vac, 1080p Dash Cam, Fluance Turntable, Ring Light Kit, and More

Image: Huckberry

While we’re not exactly having the most normal of ones this summer, those of you with access to private pools or isolated beaches are no doubt in need of new, fashionable swimwear. Believe me, I’ve been rocking the 80s-style Kmart trunks for years now, and these heavily discounted swim shorts at Huckberry appear to be just the antidote for my first-world woes.

Personally, I’m keen on this cactus-adorned swimsuit from Boardies. Another, more classic and subdued option are the Rhythm Vintage Palm trunks, which bear a muted vintage grey color scheme, perfect for blending in at the beach. If you’re partial to bolder, pastel designs, however, you’re in luck as the bright green Boardies Overlay shorts are like a tropical-theme episode of ZOOM on PBS from the 90s. And Howler Brothers’ Stretch Bruja boardshorts are like a watercolor tattoo for your legs that never fades.

PhoneSoap 3 | $64 | Promo Code INVENTORY20

PhoneSoap 3 | $64 | Promo Code INVENTORY20
Graphic: Gabe Carey

It’s true. When inspected under a microscope, one out of every six smartphones contains fecal matter, according to a 2011 study conducted at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. And while I regret to inform you that your phone is probably covered in poo, I’m even sadder to report your phone is 18 times more disgusting than a public toilet. As the experts over at PhoneSoap put it, “We wash our hands but we never wash our smartphones.”

That’s generalizing, of course, but the point stands: Most of us aren’t as conscious of the harmful bacterias permeating our phones as we are our hands, and in the midst of a pandemic, that’s probably not the best way to mitigate risk of infection. PhoneSoap 3 seems to be a good solution to help you keep your phone clean without submerging it in water. Thanks to advances in UV technology, this waterless gadget is capable of killing 99.99% of germs. A built-in acoustic audio amplifier keeps alarms and notifications from being muffled, and a pair of charging ports yields additional functionality.

PhoneSoap 3 is 20% off using our exclusive promo code INVENTORY20, bringing the subtotal down to $64 before taxes and shipping.



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